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Allods Crazy - Allods Online Game. 19 likes. Allods Crazy – International private PvP server Allods Online version 4.0.02 ! ... - Deposit Box with 72 slots. - Level 10 Clear Rune x6. - Pure Tear of the Dragon x1000. - Piercing Gaze (all ranks). ... - Second Page from the Great Mage’s Diary. We will do our best to create a unique and ... Anyone else played Allods Online? (long post warning) With this said, however, I can SAFELY say that, initially, from summer 2010 to about April 2011 when Astral Odyssey came out (otherwise known as the "Level 47 patch", the one as well with Kirah and Isle of Revelation allods, and also the patch that introduced the extra earring slot) I had a LOT of fun with Allods Online, generally-speaking. Allods Online Game Review - Allods Online is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with many Sci-Fi elements mixed in. Following the shattering of the world of Sarnout, two factions known as the Empire and League now fight for control over drifting continents known as Allods. Biggest P2W Games that you have played before. : MMORPG The worst P2W mmo I played, was allods online: Runes that could increase damage and defenses up to 150% (lv1 rune, up to lv 13 I think), but the catch is, to produce a lv5 rune, you need 2 level 4 runes, you also have 6 rune slots total, getting max level runes was about the same price as a not so cheap car.

Allods Online Gear Upgrading Guide by kolasi. ... Amalgam is the second upgrading reagent, obtainable via AoD, Melting Isles, June Catacomb chest spawns, ... an epic->legendary upgrade in a high desired slot (Shirt, pants, chestpiece, weapon, etc). In the end, it’s all about what you think is worth it.

Inventory Full: June 2016 Mrs Bhagpuss returned long enough to spend through the currency gifted her by the conversion to F2P but she spent her entire second run in Rift building houses behind the gates of her private Dimensions. Inventory Full: July 2013 The Nosy Gamer's invaluable if controversial Digital Dozen consistently shows GW2 second only to World of Warcraft in XFire logins.

In fact "logging in" exactly and accurately describes my current relationship with Black Desert Online. BDO is an MMO to which I log in.

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Earing slot (4 qualities) theres a 2nd earring slot. The quality of scroll you used determines the highest quality of gear you can wear in that slot. This can be another 20% dmg increase. Trinkets (4 qualities) temporary boosts to your damage and HP by 25% for 15 secs and 1 min cd.

Warrior on Raid Dominion. Allods Online 7.0 - YouTube Jan 10, 2016 · Warrior on Raid Dominion. Allods Online 7.0 Need Tank Last Slot and this particular battle never reached the second nod, but anyway. ... Never … My Talents - Allods Online Talents

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Allods Online Guides | TheGameGuru.Me Allods Online has a unique specialization system. By specialization or spec I mean the customization of your character’s abilities. Spec in this game is based into stats and talents. Talents are split into abilities and rubies. Stats. There are 14 stats in this game total. Allods Online gives you a decent idea of what stats you should invest in. Allods Online Volume 5: Games of Gods Announced - The best-of-the-best will earn a chance to gain an extra skill point, an extra ruby, and a second slot for a customised class build. Hundreds of new quests exploring the nature of the gods of Sarnaut, as well as the creation and destruction of the Allods Online universe. First Allods Online Expansion Goes Live in July - IGN

Inventory Full: April 2016