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Goodfellas vs. Casino - Forums Casino. The first third of this movie is unbelievably captivating. Scorsese portrays the essence of Las Vegas to perfection. This movie has two of the best scenes in American cinema: the "House of the Rising Sun" scene, and Nicky Santoro's execution. Casino does a better job portraying the downfall of its characters than Goodfellas does. Casino is better than Goodfellas | Page 6 | Sherdog Forums ... To me, Casino is more epic and original. Goodfellas, as good as it was, is more of a typical mob movie. Casino comes with an angle we hadn't seen before. I feel like the characters and the setting and the plot are more original. Joe Pesci's character is more interesting and he gives a better performance. Goodfellas or Casino? - Goodfellas or Casino? - Which was the better ganster movie? I love them both equally. The Cornfield scene in Casino always really disturbed me. Especially the first time i watched it.

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It's organized crime time (I hope the poll works this time) - Which Martin Scorsese movie do ya like better, CASINO or GOODFELLAS? What's the better movie, CASINO or GOODFELLAS? | IGN Boards Casino ends with the godfathers wiping everyone out. Goodfellas is better overall, but Casino has a stronger ending. Goodfellas or Casino: which is the better movie? : movies

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Goodfellas vs Casino (self.movies) submitted 7 years ago by w1ldch1ld. Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Casino is a better film than Goodfellas? The way I see it, Goodfellas is just the story of this one group of friends in the Mob, but Casino is the complete story of the rise and fall of an empire due to a few men's greed and ... Goodfellas or Casino, which one's better? | Yahoo Answers The book "Wiseguy" is Goodfellas, and "Casino" is Casino. Many people say that Goodfellas is better simply because it was made first. Usually the first movie is better. In this case the sequel is better. I guess it really depends on your taste, or where you grew up. People from the northeast part of the United States love Goodfellas because it ... Casino is better than Goodfellas - High On Films Yep. They’re both two of the greatest, most entertaining and most riveting yarns about gangsterdom ever put to screen, both by the same incredible director, but I would wager Martin Scorsese ’s follow-up Casino (1995) is better than its similar sibling film Goodfellas (1990). I’d even goes as far to claim that The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street are better than Goodfellas, but that ... Goodfellas vs Casino? | Sports, Hip Hop & Piff - The Coli

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I guess most people prefer Goodfellas because it came first but Casino is better i is goodfellas x3. The sets and costumes are amazing, the way its shot, All the leads are great .Joe pesci is even crazier and Sharon Stone is better in the female lead then the girl from Goodfellas. Casino or Goodfellas | Hip Forums Which movie do you think is better Casino or Goodfellas? Personally i thought Goodfellas was better but i still loved Casino. I just think Goodfellas had better scenes, stoppin at Tommy's moms house with the guy in the trunk and diggin him back up those scenes were amazing and hilarious. Casino Or Goodfellas Which Is Better

Jul 24, 2009 · Goodfellas is much better than Casino is, Casino is a good movie but not even nearly as good as Goodfellas. Both are great, but without Goodfellas and the success of Goodfellas, there's probably no Casino. Goodfellas has the overall better story as …

Detailed information on the cult casino movie 1995, informative review, the cast, director and producers. Casino (1995) - As a companion piece to Goodfellas, it seems like a poor carbon copy, but taken as a part of a greater film cycle (if you include Mean Streets and The Wolf, it fits right in with what Scorsese does better than most other filmmakers: make a … Martin Scorsese | Biography, Films, & Facts | The 1970s Las Vegas morality tale Casino (1995) marked the return of the GoodFellas talent pool, reuniting Scorsese with screenwriter Pileggi and actors De Niro and Pesci, but it did not receive the critical acclaim or commercial success of … Rise of the Foot Soldier (2007), directed by Julian Gilbey

Casino is a rip-off of Goodfellas as far as the narrative structure is concerned. Goodfellas has a better supporting cast. Casino is the complete story of the rise and fall of an empire due to a few men's greed and pride while the story of Goodfellas is more lacking. Goodfellas vs. The Godfather vs. Casino - High-Def Digest Dec 23, 2009 · i love all three but imo godfather and goodfellas are two different kinds of films. they both deal with the mob but one's epic, epic, epic and one's more of the right in your face scorsese style. the greater film is the godfather, but imo this thread should've only been goodfellas vs. casino, with a separate thread for godfather and godfather II ‘Casino’ At 20: Scorsese’s Necessary Coda To ‘Goodfellas’ I’m not here to argue that Casino is better than Goodfellas. It’s not. It’s not as tight as Goodfellas, it’s less fun, and it’s not quite as funny or quotable. There are some logistical